We are ‘The Accelerants’ a  Cambridge covers band (based in Linton). We play for fun and hard cash at parties and events.

Matt Orloff – Drums

Bill BickerStaff – Bass

Matt Whitby – Guitar (and stuff)

Jamie Wilson – Vocals

David D – Guitar

Ian Webb – Long suffering sound guy

The Accelerants are a 5 piece band, we play a wide and eclectic mix of songs across a diverse range of styles. Rock, pop, indie, ska nothing is out of bounds for us, apart from perhaps ‘Summer of ’69’ and anything by ‘Bon Jovi’. Check out our Songlist


Our goal is to have fun and that only works if you (our audience) is having fun. Our setlists are intended to get people on their feet, singing with us, dancing with us. Like the video clip below.

We play at parties, pub gigs, festivals, weddings and have also helped raise many thousands of pounds for Charities.

A typical gig is over 2 hours long, in that time we’ll play around 40 songs. You’ll have a great time, we’ll have a great time. We generally need 90 minutes to set and an hour to break down after the gig.

The easiest way to book us is via FACEBOOK