The Excitement of being in a covers band

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5 days until our next gig and even at the age of 46 playing covers of other peoples songs I still find I am massively excited.┬áLast time we played the Crown Inn in Linton (is there an extra in in there? ) we were told that the sound did not penetrate right through the bar. This time we have more PA, a pair of Mackie Thumps and a cross over to send the Bass, Highs and Mids to the right places. Pete and I are also going to Mic our amps and Matt W has a new multi effect to hopefully make his menagerie of instruments a little easier to manage. A lot more crap to hump about though. Luckily playing in the village means it is pretty straightforward. We’ll have to invest in a tour bus and some roadies for our Cambridge dates (when we get some).

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